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Repair your Generac home generator with a licensed and insured electrical contractor in Florence, SC!

We offer financing for generators. Contact us for details.

Annual Maintenance for your Air Cooled GENERAC Generator Includes

  • Change Engine Oil - Replace Oil Filter - Replace Air Filter
  • Inspect Spark Plugs (replace if necessary)
  • Inspect Fuel System - Verify Fuel Pressure - Check for Leaks
  • Inspect Exhaust System - Adjust Valves if necessary
  • Check / Test Battery and Charging System-Clean Terminals & Apply Anti-Corrosive Compound
  • Inspect all Electrical and Mechanical Connections
  • Simulate Temporary Utility Power Loss and Observe Proper Operation - Start-Transfer-Shutdown
  • Verify Generator Output for Correct Voltage and Hertz
  • Check and Record Controller Data - Run Time Hours - Error Code History- Update Controller Firmware - Verify Exercise Program
  • Inspect Enclosure - Clean - Apply Wax
Dealer Monitoring Wi-Fi Units

Ask us about Wi-Fi or 4G LTE Cellular Dealer Monitoring.

We Monitor Your Generator 24/7 - If you have a problem, we usually know before you do.

Or wait, do you need more than repair services? Are you still contemplating which Generac home generator to buy?

We can help either way!

We understand that deciding on the Generac model to buy can be confusing. There are just too many series. Should you buy EcoGen, GP Series, Protector Series, or PowerPact?

You need an expert to help you choose not only the best series for your home but one with the RIGHT capacity.

We are that expert!

At Viper Electric, we provide full-electrical services for homeowners and businesses in the Pee Dee area. Specifically, we are an authorized dealer of Generac generators. In other words, we don't only understand how Generac generators work but can also repair them.

More importantly, our electricians have acquired the BEST training from the Generac brand. That is why we are one of the leaders of Generac generator services all over the Pee Dee area.

You Need An Expert Generac Generator Service Provider!

Frankly, Generac generators are one of the best in the market. They are aesthetically pleasing as they are durable. In particular, Generacs can last you for 25-30years with 3000 working hours.

Unfortunately, Generac generators can also be expensive. The least priced product of this brand (the GP3300 49 ST) has a $439 starting price. Mind you: the GP3300 49 ST is a portable generator. And it's more affordable than the stand-by alternatives.

In other words, you can't spend a fortune on your generator and then let a rookie manage it. What if they damage it?

Besides, the durability of any generator depends on its usage. If you don't apply adequate maintenance and servicing, you might not get the standard 30 years from your Generac.

For those reasons, you need a "Generac" expert. With one, you can rest assured that you'll get the best generator for your home and needs. More importantly, an expert will design a servicing schedule for your Generac. That way, the generator will last you for its money's worth.

But who can you trust? Many electricians in the Pee Dee area claim to be experts on Generac generators - are they?

Viper Electric can help. We are a family-owned business. As a result, we understand the essence of keeping our customers happy.

Besides keeping you happy, here is how we can help:

What Can Viper Electric Offer You?


As an authorized dealer of Generac generators, we can also repair any series. And thanks to our relationship with the brand, our electricians are up to date with the latest care routines.

In addition to the training, we are FULLY licensed and insured. So, you have nothing to fear.


We understand that Generac generators can be expensive. We know that you might not be able to afford the RIGHT series at a go.

That is why we also offer "financing;" we can get you your desired Generac generator. Then, we will agree on a repayment schedule.

Local Experience

Our most significant strength at Viper Electric is our local experience. We understand the needs and plights of generator owners in the Pee Dee area. As a result, we go beyond repairs and general servicing to ensure that our customers get value from us.

We lecture our customers on care routines that further ensure the durability of their generators. Even better, we teach them the basic DIY repairs.

Thankfully, we received recognition for our efforts: Morning News SCNOW - the best electrical engineer in the Pee Dee.

But before you decide if you should hire us, check what homeowners and businesses think of our Generac generator services:


Anton, Florence, SC:

"A big thumbs up to the folk at Viper Electric. I enquired for a Generac home generator that could also serve me as backup on my travels. Their recommendation was top-notch."

Debbie, Lake City, SC:

"I am difficult to please, especially on electrical work. But I must say, I'm blown away by the electricians at Viper Electric. They were downright professional and friendly."

So, Let Us Help You!

You and your Generac generator deserve a professional contractor. Let us help you get the most value from your prized possession.

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